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UPFITTER: “A person that modifies a motor vehicle after it was manufactured. An upfit is a set of vehicle accessories or augmentations for an existing vehicle that are customized to the worker’s needs.”

OUTFITTER: “A business that provides equipment and supplies for a specific purpose. One who outfits or equips.”

Buyer Programs

We have a program to fit any size or type of UpFits and Outfitters; “We better… as this market segment is/has been a number one interest of ours at CORE Products USA.

We’ve been supplying UpFits/Outfitters (including OE), of all types and sizes for decades, and we’ve been thrilled to do so.

You are an essential part of what make this country tick, with your special focus and knowhow in making vehicles work best for Industry, 1st Responders, Trades, and yes… even Adventurous types or Just for Play. We believe it’s safe to say that not much would get done in this country, without you doing what you do!”

If we can contribute “to your efforts” in making work easier, safer, and even fun, by providing CORE Cargo Management Solutions, we’re here to help!

We combine time saving, innovative, well-planned products, with high function, and versatility; oh heck, we just make great stuff, so you can equip the ESSENTIAL DOER with the vehicle function they need!

Check us out… We trust you’ll like working with us, and our American Made Flagship products!

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