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A group of vessels or vehicles, owned or operated as a unit. Vehicles that move or work together, generally controlled or owned by a private company or government entities.

Purchasing Programs

CORE has been servicing all sizes and types of FLEET clients for decades… Let us help you too! Your Fleet Buying Power is what it’s all about. We have a program that fits you, and keeps your costs in check.

The CORE product line of Cargo Management Tie Down solutions offers you time saving, innovative, well-planned products, with high function and versatility, made here, just for you, the ESSENTIAL DOER!  “Fact Check: We make really great stuff!“

Helping you get your goods or services to where you need them, quickly and safely; is our job and what we are all about.

Your Fleet Buying Power can help you keep costs in check (so don’t buy retail), and keep those goods and services moving… We all depend on it!

Small & Large Fleets

Whether a small or large Fleet, if you’re looking for cargo management solutions, we’re here to help, and ready to earn your business today!

If you already know what you want, are looking for new options to provide quick and safe ways of getting your product(s) or service(s) to the destination, or, if you’re replacing worn out gear, you can trust in CORE, that “OUR STUFF WORKS”!

Municipalities: Public | Private | State | County | City

Working with various types of municipalities over decades, has given CORE the know-how of the procurement process. This means we can speak your language, helping you get the job done fast! All the while, providing you with outstanding US Made cargo securing systems, helping to ensure safety, and job performance.

Government: Federal | DoD

We have worked with government procurement for a very long time, giving CORE the knowhow to help you with the process.

Giving you the confidence of purchasing the best US Made cargo securing systems, ensuring safety, job performance, and keeping the process moving.

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