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A wholesaler; an individual, corporation, or partnership buying goods in bulk quantities from a manufacturer at a price close to the cost of manufacturing them; reselling them at a higher price to other jobbers, or various retailers, but not directly to the general public.

Distribution Program

CORE Products USA is very selective of “Distributors” it recruits.

Building a strong working position that is both supportive and mutually beneficial, by setting goals that both parties can respect, and work towards.

In our view, this is key to the relationship, as the Distributor becomes more of a “right-hand team member!

A CORE/Distributor relationship comes with unique benefits and challenges, in that both CORE and Distributor should be able to count-on the support from one-another in the furtherance of the CORE product line and Customers served.

“Can CORE add that missing value to your product offering?”  Let’s talk today… let’s see if CORE, and you are a great fit?

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