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As a US Cargo Control Manufacturer and Seller, CORE Marketers Group, LLC has become a leading supplier to the US market and beyond.

Over three decades ago, the founder of CORE put in place our vision of providing outstanding Cargo Management Products to industries and consumers alike.

Our core concept of combining high quality with affordability, creates WORKREADY cargo management solutions that are the choice of industry and professionals.

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  • Add-on Accessories for Retailers, Tradesmen, Professionals and Consumers
  • Outfitters/Up-Fitters
  • Fleets/Municipalities
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) Specialties
  • Original Design Manufacturers (ODM’s) Custom
  • Government/Security Services

CORE Product USAVideo Log: Checkout the growing list of videos that cover: how the product is made, installation(s), methods, specialty uses and much more. You can also find links to partnering products that show how CORE Products are incorporated into a variety of product to create extra value and utility to benefit you!

CORE Product USA

CORE Product USA

You have likely seen the terms "load rating" and "breaking strength" before.

Ever wonder what they meant? Simply put, when it comes to the cargo management industry, the Breaking Strength represents the maximum load a product is capable of handling before breaking or distorting, done under specialized testing criteria. Whereas Load Rating is a term that describes what the recommended use limits are that a manufacturer puts on their product to operate safely. In general, the Working Load is equal to 1/3 of the Breaking Strength.

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