What a few of our customers have to say.
1000’s more upon request!

  • From Michael
    “Arrived in a timely manner. Well made. Easy to use.”

  • From Lisa B.
    “The best gadget for a usefull truck box. I should have bought 3 more. It just keeps everything organized and in one place.”

  • From Curtis P.
    “This is my second set of Core Trax rails. I love them. The are smooth when not in use and almost always the best tie down available.”

  • From Paul S.
    “Great product, looks good installed, easy to install.”

  • Jorge D. Sunrise, FL
    "Easy to install. Love the flexibility it provides. The product is very versatile and functional."
    Core-Trax 36″ Tie Down Track System
  • Juan M. San Antonio, TX
    “Easy to use, install, adjust and remove. Really like the locks.”
    Core Trax Load Locks
  • Robert S.
    "It’s just what I needed to prevent all that rolling around in the truck when I would go shopping for groceries."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Monnie C. Sapulpa, OK
    "If you want a heavy duty cargo bar then this is it! I work in the oilfield & haul heavy stuff. This product does the job, no problem…Gene"
    Core Big Maxx HD Locking Cargo Bar
  • Richard D. Fayetteville
    “This is great. I use it when grocery shopping it keep the bags from flying out. I also use it when I am hauling leaves ect.”
    Core Truck Bed Cargo Safety Cover (Net)
  • "Thanks for your quick response. Also, and more importantly, thanks for your thorough response. It is all too rare that one asks questions that customer service organizations fail to carefully read. You are doing a great job. Well above average. Regards, Wayne"
    Customer Service
  • Charles H.
    “This cargo bar is a very good buy, inexpensive, heavy duty, and well built. There’s no set up or parts to put together, just take it out of the box and you’re good to go. It’s also very easy to use, I highly recommend it.”
    CARGO BAR Big Maxx Load Bar
  • "On behalf of our "GOV." project team, thanks to CORE again for your participation, and we hope to enjoy future interactions with you as the journey progresses toward "Gov." -based operations. Sincerely, David S. Manager, Technology"
    Government / Military /Municipalities
  • Genevieve B.
    "This Cargo bag has solved my problems! Needed it Love it and I am glad that I bought it."
    Cargo Sports Bag
  • John L.
    "Works great. Adjusts to fit any part of the back of my truck bed."
    Cargo Safety Cover
  • "Thanks for the information. Great customer service. I bought the kit and installed it last night. Have a great day."
    Randy R
    Customer Service
  • Barbara M. Bakersfield, CA
    "The Core Trax products are just what we were looking for — the pet safety cable is also in line with our needs."
    Core Trax (Uni Trax 1000 – & Pet Safety Cable)
  • William M.
    "Good product. Value for money."
    Cargo Safety Cover (Net)
  • "Thank you for your attention to detail. I will take these questions to the engineering team and get answers for you. Best regards, Clint Manufacturing Engineer"
    Government / Military /Municipalities
  • James F.
    "The Core Cargo Sports Bag is every bit as good as advertized and more. My wife no longer has to get a broom to retrieve the bags all over the bed….thank you, thank you!"
    Core Cargo Sports Bag
  • Ron W.
    “looks great, works as advertised overall its a realy nice system”
  • "Howdy! I have installed 2 sets of Core Trax systems on/in my pickup truck and am I am very happy with the system … Thank you for helping me with my inquiry. Sincerely, Mark H"
    Core Trax (Uni Trax 1000 – Short Trax 4.75″)
  • Michael O.
    "It is really useful because it is a bag rather than just a net. It stops things from rolling around."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Bruce, FL
    "Many, many thanks! These will stop the "raw" ends from digging into my loads."
    Uni Cap/End Caps
  • Jeffrey C.
    “Good for smaller loads and load like the one pictured. The clips on the corners are a nice feature.”
    Cargo Safety COVER ( Net)
  • Thomas M.
    “I was getting tired of stuff sliding around in the bed of my 2005 Doge Ram p/u. With the cargo bar I will be able to keep items from shifting around. It is a lot better alternative then trying to wedge 2x4s across the bed. I kept the cargo net from a Jeep GC, that I traded in. Now I attach it to the cargo bar and the p/u bed tie downs to secure smaller items that I bring home from stores.”
    Cargo Bar
  • Stephen K.
    “I bought the small size for my 2009 Ranger. Fits very well. The four corner clips attach directly to the tie-downs on the four corners of the bed. Not too hard adjust the length of the strap depending on how much stuff you have under the net. Easy to unclip a corner, slide something under the net, reclip. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, but no complaints so far.”
    Cargo Safety Net
  • Marilyn W.
    " Great addition on a pick up truck. It makes all the difference in the world to have one of these hooked up in the back of the truck. No more climbing in to pick up groceries that slid around on the way home. Everything just sits in the mesh bag and stays where you put it. We hooked it onto the chrome tie-down things on the sides of the truck. If you need to carry small things in the back of an open vehicle, I recommend it."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Hey Mark, I received both Emails. I’ll get back @ you w/those measurements. Great Customer service by the way! Thanks
    Thanks much! Craig B
    Customer Service
  • Michael B.
    "Works like a charm."
    Cargo Bar Jr. Maxx
  • Brianne M.
    “Core cargo bar was easy to install, it looks good, and best of all it keeps everything in place.”
    Cargo Bar Jr. Maxx
  • David J.
    "Great product. Stows away easily, quick and easy to use when needing to secure a load. One of the esential items that every truck owner should have."
    Cargo Safety Net
  • Muhammad C.
    “Product is exactly as described. “Installation” took about 10 seconds! I am happy with the Core Cargo Sports Bag.”
    Cargo Sports Bag
  • Jim M.
    "I used 4 of the smaller 5" bedrail systems. I gave a Very Clean look yet provided full function of tying things down in the bed of our Dodge Truck! I would reccommend to anyone Jim "
  • Marlene J.
    "This product works for tying objects down, but does not take away from the looks of my truck."
  • Thanks for turning this around for us.
    Patrick F
    National Nuclear Security
    Government / Military /Municipalities
  • Russ H.
    “I drilled holes and installed the 4′ tracks just in back of my tool box in the bed of my 2010 Tundra. They look great and they fit along the inside of the top rail of the bed. Great idea and looks great.”
    Core Trax Uni Trax 1000
  • Donald R.
    "For the hauling of food from the local stores and having an open truck bed this is perfect for holding small articles that would normally fly out. It fits the job."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Daniel C.
    "Mounted the 4′ on the top rail of my truck bed. Way easier than trying to find the tiedowns in the bed by brial after loading the truck. WORKS GREAT. Doing the same thing in the trailer soon!"
  • Randall H.
    "This item really does what it says, I was surprised how easy it was to install and it works like a charm. Like everything else purchased from AA it is high quality."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Bruce M.
    “For the money this a good product. Items of light to medium weight will stay in place w/o any problem. I especially like the “draw strap” that is attached to the net. It enables you to close the net so items won’t slip out. I would recommend this to anyone needing a place to keep groceries or anything else you don’t want rolling around the bed of your truck.”
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Mark T.
    ” First Two Uses Justified the Cost. I had to take a large amount of trash to the dump. I was able to use the Cargo Net to cover the entire load. Several Syrofoam containers were easily contained. A 2nd use was unexpected, but it kept several items safe and in my truck cargo bed. Thanks for great product.”
  • Robert L.
    "Wanted to have some method of keeping smaller items from rolling to the front of the pickup bed. The sports bag has worked great, put an entire weeks of groceries in it and they all stayed in the bag. Would recomend to anyone with a pick-up. Very easy to install and looks good."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Philip G.
    "This is just what I was looking for to keep my groceries from rolling around my truck bed. I was very tired of crawling around the back of my truck gathering up all the stuff that had rolled out of my bags. A satisfied Customer Phil G"
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • Lester K.
    “well-engineered, compact, versatile. I bought the 4′ lengths and cut them into sections to go forward and behind each wheelwell of my truck. Had to drill and countersink some extra holes, but it’s no problem. Locking rings are easy to install and move, and a lot stronger than they look.”
  • Richard C.
    "This is the best tie down system I ever had for my pickup. Easy to use . I ‘ll be getting more."
    Core-Trax (Long Kit Uni Trax 4′)
  • Joseph S.
    "Fits nicely in my Murano. It’s adjustable."
    Cargo Sport Bag
  • "To The Management,

    FYI, I have received the replacement Maxx Jr. Ratcheting cargo bar.

    Quite honestly, because I did not have the receipt of purchase and I admitted that I purchased it 2-3 years ago which made this transaction out of warranty, I really did not expect any replacement or even a discounted price on a re-purchase. It was honestly the first time I used it.

    Instead you have replaced this item at no cost!

    I’m amazed and very pleasantly surprised that there are still companys out there that stand behind their products 100%.

    I will not hesitate to direct anyone to your company and I thank you very much for your action.

    Best regards,
    Dick T, CA"