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Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) lets you take part in their products (or “re-purposed for use”) proficiency; in return to scale savings to you in cost, time, and equipment.

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is generally perceived as a company that produces parts or equipment that may be marketed by other manufacturers or distributors.


CORE Products USA has built a strong reputation working with ODMs / OEMs for decades; as a company they can work with. We have earned this reputation, in part, because we understand our position is supportive to both ODM / OEM customers’ production requirements, timelines and goals.

These relationships come with benefits for everyone: The “end users” receive “enhanced useability” of a product. The ODM / OEM, by creating greater usability of product, enhanced marketability, value added perception of product, and revenue potential. CORE benefits through additional exposure on great products like yours!

Let’s see if CORE can add value to your product offering! Thank you for checking us out.

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