Industry Solutions

Core Products have been used and trusted by leading companies the world over as well as Government Agencies, Militaries, NASA, N.O.A.H., RV OEM’s and Automotive OEM’s.

A partial list of these outstanding companies includes: BAE, BVT, Honeywell, Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Decked, Truck Vault, Newmar, Thor, Wayfarer Van Kits, Leading Package Delivery Carriers, Georgia Power, Non-Profit Organizations in the Medical Industry (LifeStream), and several others.

In addition to traditional markets serviced, Core Products have also been used in the Medical, Entertainment and Fine Arts Industries and more!

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) & Outfitters

  • RV
  • Toy Hauler
  • Trailer (all types)
  • Service Bodies (Truck/Van)
  • Sprinter type/like Vans
  • Medical Products
  • Automobile
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Marine Industry
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) & Outfitters

Original Design Manufacturers (ODM)

Modifications of our existing products to fit customer’s specific needs. Modifications and/or augmentations to original Core Design products to fit customer’s specific needs.

  • Decked
  • GM
  • Armed Services
  • Saab
  • Oshkosh
  • BVT
  • Ford
  • Waste Management
  • Tesla
  • US Forestry
  • Snug Top
  • American Honda
  • Budget Rental
  • Lockheed Martin
Original Design Manufacturers (ODM)

Fleets – Private and Public

  • Small and Large Company Fleets
  • Municipalities
  • Government: Federal, States, Counties, Cities
  • Armed Services
Fleet (Private and Public)

Commercial Grade – Law Enforcement / Armed Services / Government Contractors

  • Land Based Vehicles
  • Tactical Vehicles
  • Rapid Ready Aquatic Vessels to Scientific Exploration
  • Support Apparatus
  • Air/Flight Equipment
Military/Commercial Grade – Government Contractors

Specialty Applications

Medical Field

  • On Traction Equipment
  • In Ambulances
  • On Fire Trucks
  • Air Ambulance

Entertainment Industry

  • On Vehicles used in movies
  • For Equipment Transportation
  • For Securing Equipment on sets
  • Props on Sets for Television/Cinema


  • Sportsman
  • Light Cargo
  • Fixed Wing/Helicopter

Garages and Workshops

  • Securing and organizing

Art Exhibitions

  • Securing Artwork
  • Securing Lighting

Museum Exhibitions

  • Securing items on display

Space Station

  • Securing experiments and instruments within the laboratory on the ISS