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An entity that purchases goods for resale rather than self-consumption.

Add-To-Profit Programs

At CORE Products USA, we believe the “core” of our business (pun intended), is derived from our diversity of the Resellers we attract.

Your organization likely fits into one of two categories; a Physical store, an Online store; or both! Whatever the case, we definitely have a program that fits your needs. Whether it’s a quick buy for a customer, a profit display program, a multi-store buy, looking for the competitive edge, or specific SKU large volume buy for deeper profit margins, we have programs to fit.

As our founder would say “Look, these are US Made, Cargo Safety Products; and the vast majority are NOT make or model specific” so they’re a sure bet for you to keep in stock. We believe it’s a simple decision for any professional retailer!

Especially when you consider, these products are not a “monthly fad” or with fit issues… RIGHT!

We admit our products are not the latest “I want fad”; however, they are definitely an “I NEED that” item! So, we, and more importantly, your customers believe, you should always have some on hand. After all, they’re depending on you, the reseller, so don’t let them down!

Let’s put your retail operation into an ideal profit program, that fits you best.

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